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 Canadian Citizenship Practice Test - Free Online Exam 21

Date : 25 / 4 / 2017     
Q1 The end of France's empire in America was marked by which event?
the Quebec Act of 1774
the battle of the Plains of Ab
granting the Hudsons Bay Comp
the formation of the United St
Q2 Which are the Prairie Provinces?
Manitoba and Saskatchewan
Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alb
Alberta, New Brunswick and Man
Manitoba and Alberta
Q3 The town that became the NWMP headquarters was:
Fort Garry
Fort MacLeod
Fort Calgary
Q4 When was our judicial system founded?
resumption of innocence in cri
protection of innocence in cri
innocence of presumption in cr
presumption of innocence in cr
Q5 The 27th Governor General since Confederation is:
John Cabot
Emily Carr
Michaelle Jean
Elizabeth II
Q6 After Paris, which is the second largest mainly French-speaking city in the world?
Quebec City
Q7 Canada's greatest soldier is considered to be:
General Sir Arthur Currie
Lt.Col. John McCrae
Phil Edwards
Sir Robert Borden
Q8 In Canada, by whom is the Sovereign represented?
the Commissioner
the Governor-General
the Prime-Minister
the Legislative Asembly
Q9 Who are the Canadian Rangers?
the most successful Canadian h
The Nunavut Police Force
part of the Canadian Forces Re
part of the Royal Canadian Mou
Q10 In Nunavut, what is the first language in schools as well as the official language?
Q11 What is an excellent way to develop friends and contacts and gain useful skills?
Serving on a jury
Military service
Q12 In Manitoba, what is the most populous city?
Q13 Except Ontario and Quebec, the police force that enforces federal laws and serves as the provincial police in all the provinces and territories is:
Federal Police of Canada
Provincial Police
Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Municipal Police Force
Q14 Who are the Métis?
30% of all Aboriginal people
65% of all Aboriginal people
4% of all Aboriginal people
0.5% of all Aboriginal people
Q15 What is April 9 celebrated as?
Vimy Day
Sir John A. MacDonald Day
Victory Day
Currie Day
Q16 What is the 26th of December?
Remembrance Day
Labour Day
Boxing Day
Q17 Famous for its wine industry and fruit orchards, Okanagan Valley is in
British Columbia
Q18 You can still be added to the voters' list until election day even if you do not receive a voter information card or you choose not to be listed in the National Register of Electors
Q19 What is Fredericton the capital of?
New Brunswick
Nova Scotia
Q20 Canada is known to be
the largest country on earth
the third largest country on e
the second largest country on
the fourth largest country on
Q21 The $10 bill has a portrait of:
Lieutenant Alexander Roberts D
Sir John Alexander MacDonald
John Cabot
Sir Frederic Banting
Q22 What are the three parts of the Parliament?
the Sovereign, the Senate and
the Supreme Court, the Queen a
The Sovereign, the House of Co
The Sovereign, the Government
Q23 What is the meaning of Presumption of innocence?
Not everyone is guilty until p
Everyone is innocent until pro
Everyone is guilty until prove
Not everyone is innocent until
Q24 The Governor-General invites the leader of the political party with the most seats in the House of Commons to form the government.
Q25 To Canadians, the highest honour available is:
the Order of Victoria
the Canada Cross
The Victoria Cross
the Order of Canada
Q26 In what way was the movement for Quebec sovereignty defeated?
multiple referendums
two referendums, 1980 and 1995
one referendum (1995)
one referendum (1980)