About Canadian Citizenship Test. Questions About Citizenship Test

According to the Canadian Nationality law, all individuals who have become citizens by either naturalization or immigration must know their Canadian rights and responsibilities before accepting the citizenship. That is the reason why, Canadian citizenship applicants are required to pass the citizenship test before they take ceremonial citizenship oath. Even though citizenship test is tough to succeed, the best way to achieve it is by good reading and practice. The department of ‘Citizenship and Immigration Canada’ (CIC) is responsible for organizing the test and you will find more details about the Canada citizenship test in their official website.

Significance of the test:

• Attempting and passing the citizenship test is very important for every individual who aspire to become a citizen because it makes them realize their rights and responsibilities, gives more knowledge on Canadian borders and provinces, provides a good understanding on Canada history, traditions and values.

• People who pass the test will get more awareness on the Canadian society and feel more comfortable to mingle in the neighborhood community. Even though applicants think about the Canada citizenship test as a big roadblock in the citizenship processing, it gives great confidence to them once they pass the test and start socializing among the public.

Know about the Canada citizenship test:

1. When your citizenship application is accepted, you will receive a notice from CIC to write the exam from with date and time mentioned in it. Based on your language abilities, the test officer will decide whether you have to go for written or oral test. However, when you go for these tests, do not forget to carry the originals of personal identification and travel documents that you have submitted along with your application form.

2. Citizenship test consists of 20 multiple-choice questions drawn from the pool of questions based on new study guide ‘Discover Canada: The Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship’. The exam lasts for 30 minutes and those who fail to complete within the specified time will have to retake the test again.

During the written exam and the interview, you will be asked questions based on the study guide and the regional topics where you are writing the exam. If you get less than the required passing percentage i.e. 75%, you need to restart the application process again to rewrite the test. If you want more information about the Canada citizenship test and its format, you may visit the citizenship and immigration online website