Canada National Anthems, National Symbols of Canada.

Overview of Canadian Anthems and Symbols

The Canada anthems and symbols act as a part of national identity and acknowledge love of freedom towards the country. They represent the Nation’s Unity that stands for all the people of Canada without the distinction of race, language, belief or opinion. The citizens of Canada and other people all around the world officially recognize the Canada anthems and symbols as part of official Canadian celebrations. These symbols inspire patriotism among people and reflect the Canadian values, people, places, culture and heritage.

National symbols:

Every citizen of Canada often considers these symbols as a sense of pride and honor in being a part of such a diversified and multicultural nation. The Canada anthems and symbols show what exactly Canada is and how citizens feel about that beautiful nation. Some of the most important symbols that acts as the Canadian identity are:
• The national Flag
• Royal Union flag
• Royal coat of Arms of Canada
• Great seal of Canada
• National emblem of Maple leaf
• National and royal anthems

Royal anthem:

Officially originated in London, England during 1745 the Royal anthem “God Save the Queen”, was first performed in front of members of the royal family as a part of the salute. Even though it has no legal status like national anthem, the royal anthem occupies a significant place in the Canadian history.

National anthem:

"O Canada" first commissioned by Lieutenant Governor of Quebec Theodore Robitaille on June 24, 1880 and proclaimed as national anthem of Canada after 100 years i.e on July 1, 1980 after 100 years. A well-known composer Calixa Lavall?e composed the music and the original French lyrics written by Sir Adolphe-Basile Routhier. Due to its popularity, many English translated versions came into existence but Robert Stanley Weir wrote the main official lyrics in 1908. However, the lyrics were revised twice since then and the Special Joint Committee of the Senate and House of Commons recommended many changes in 1968. Now the national anthem of Canada is routinely played everywhere all across the Canada from sporting events and community meetings to reaffirmation ceremonies during the oath of citizenship.