Canada Online Services, Secured Access Key, Pay Application fees Online, Change of Address Online forms.

Various aspects of Canada online services provided by CIC

Citizenship and Immigration Canada allows Canadian residents to apply online for initial and extended study permits, post graduation or off campus work permits, extend visitor visas etc. All applicants can log on to their MyCIC page of Canada Online Services where they can submit application online, pay processing fee and check status frequently. All applicants get 60 days time to submit their online form from the date of starting and if it is delayed further the application may get deleted automatically.

In order to keep the client information very confidential the CIC has enhanced their procedures by implementing secured access key to sign in into the internet website. All first time users are required to complete the registration process for a Government of Canada Access key so that they can simply login into the MyCIC page using Access key user ID and password.

Other Online service:

1. Pay Application fees:

Canada Online services provide information regarding the fee payment methods and amount particulars for both Canadian and non-Canadian residents. At the time of completing the application form, the online payment service allows the applicants to pay the processing fee according to the CIC

2. Client Application status:

Applicants who have applied for permanent resident card (replacement or renewal) or Canadian Citizenship can utilize the Canada online Services provided by CIC to check their application or immigration status. As the Client Application Status (CAS) gets updated every week the applicants can view the latest processing times and other status updates regularly.

Change of Address:

Another important feature the applicants can avail through online service is changing their resident address. People who have recently immigrated to Canada and are expecting the permanent resident card can make use of the Address notification online service to inform CIC about their new resident mailing address.