Adults Canadian Citizenship Eligibility, Applying for Canada Citizenship.

Individuals with 18 or above age and have at least two years of permanent resident status in Canada are eligible for applying Canadian citizenship. Persons having criminal record or facing criminal charges or subject to immigration investigation, inquiry or removal order are restricted from citizenship. Other eligibilities include 1095 days of residence in four years immediately before the date of application, language ability in English or French, knowledge about rights and responsibilities of Canada etc. The application for Canadian citizenship for adults along with the instruction guide is available from Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) website.

Citizenship Certificate:

Canadian citizens who wish to apply for citizenship certificate inside or outside Canada should follow the procedure specified by CIC. However, the list of supporting documents required for citizenship certificate varies depending on whether the application is for a new certificate or replacement. Applicants who are residing outside Canada should contact Canadian embassy, high commission or Consulate for further details on citizenship processing

Citizenship application processing:

• Before filling the application for Canadian citizenship for adults, read instructions carefully, complete the package and submit the form along with necessary documents and payment receipt. An incomplete application will not be accepted and returned back for resubmit. If you are are sending more than one application you can mail them all together in one envelop for one time processing. However, if there is any fault with one application form then all other forms would return back for corrections.

• You can pay the processing fee in Canadian dollars either at a financial institution in Canada or through online system. The completed application forms should be sent to the case processing center, Sydney along with all the required documents and payment receipt. To make sure that you are submitting complete application for Canadian citizenship for adults, it is important to go through the document checklist and instruction guide given at the back of the form.