Canadian Citizenship Test Alberta. Online Canada Citizenship Test

People who wish to live and settle in Canada permanently as citizens must determine their eligibility and apply for Canadian citizenship. No matter where you live in Canada, if you wish to apply for citizenship, just follow the procedure specified by the Citizenship Immigration Canada (CIC) for lodging the application form. If you are living in and around Alberta, all you need to do is to find out the nearest authorized test center at your local library and apply for the citizenship test on the convenient possible date. Even though the citizenship procedure is same all over Canada, there will be some changes in the processing times depending on the place where you live.

Canadian Citizenship test Alberta:

• Individuals contemplating about immigrating to Canada or becoming Canadian citizens should follow the step-by-step procedure specified by CIC to understand the citizenship requirements and eligibility. If you have no idea where to get more information on Canadian Citizenship test, you may visit the Citizenship and Immigration Canada online official website for complete details.

• Before attempting the Canadian citizenship test, you first read and practice the official study guide ‘Discover Canada’ to prepare and learn more about Canada and its provinces. The booklet is the best option to explore and understand Canadian history, rights and responsibilities of Canadian citizens, modern Canada, how Canadians govern themselves, federal elections etc. If you want to test your knowledge in Canada or Canadian official languages, practice the free mock tests that are available free in many online websites.

Test pattern:

No matter where you write the exam, the test format and question paper pattern will be the same all over Canada. Canadian citizenship test consists of 20 multiple-choice questions, out of which you need to answer 15 correct to pass the test. Applicants should be proficient in any one of the Canadian official languages because the Citizenship test is either in English or in French. Applicants are given maximum 30 minutes time to answer the questions and further no extra time will be allowed beyond this period. For any reason, if you fail to attend the exam on the specified date and time, you may have to restart the process again and reapply for the test.