Canadian Citizenship Test Online. Free Citizenship Practice Tests

Applicants who are eligible for Canadian citizenship are required to pass the citizenship test conducted by the department of Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). The test is the last step before granting the citizenship privileges to the applicants and it assesses the Canadian knowledge and tests the language skills and abilities. Individuals, who are planning to apply for citizenship test, need to follow the revised official study guide ‘Discover Canada’, which is provided for free in different formats. There are many Canadian Citizenship test online preparation resources available for the applicants that can help them out to succeed the test and achieve the goal of citizenship.

Online Test format:

• It is very important to acquire complete awareness on eligibility and Canadian citizenship test format before lodging your application form. All applicants who have already submitted a valid application for the Australian citizenship between the ages of 18 and 54 are eligible to attend this test.

• The Canadian citizenship test format consists of 20 multiple-choice questions picked randomly from the list of 200 questions and requires passing score of 75% i.e. 15 correct out of 20. Those who have obtained lesser marks than the required percentage are supposed to start the process again to rewrite the test.

• The standard format of the test is generally computer-based and applicants will get maximum 30 minutes time to complete the test. If you find it difficult to understand the English or French languages, it is better to learn or take some course before applying the test.

Preparing for the test:

As the new revised official test guide has vast information to read, many applicants find it very difficult to learn and memorize the important dates & incidents of Canadian history. Therefore, those who are applying for the test should have enough practice on various Canadian topics to get the complete knowledge and understanding. Get help from Canadian citizenship study guide or other test preparation materials that can give you clarity on the format and type of questions. These valuable test resources and mock exams will not only improve your ability and understanding but helps you to pass the test in first attempt.