Canadian Citizenship Test Questions. Practice Test Questions

One of the final and most complicated steps in the current Canadian naturalization process is passing the citizenship test. Even though it is not mandatory for senior applicants and minors, all adults between the age of 18 and 55 are required to pass the test or attend an interview with the regional citizenship judge to acquire the Canadian citizenship. The test will actually assess the language abilities and determine if the applicant has enough knowledge on citizenship rights and responsibilities. The Canadian citizenship test questions are based on the new study guide "Discover Canada: The Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship" which is sent to the applicant free of cost through mail after the citizenship application is submitted.

Test questions:

• The questions for Canadian citizenship test consist of 20 multiple choices selected from the pool of 200 questions that are derived from the new study guide. Most of the questions that are likely to appear in the test belong to the topics regarding rights and responsibilities of a Canadian citizen, history and politics, government and law, physical and geographical locations, Canadian values and cultures, and many more.

• As per the new citizenship law, to pass the test applicants have to answer 15 questions correct out of 20, compared to only 12 correct in the previous years. The questions build are based on the new study guide – Discover Canada, and some related only to the region the applicant is located.

• Since the format of the Canadian citizenship test is going be in Canadian official language (English or French), it is highly recommended that applicants have minimum language skills to understand or answer the test paper.

How to practice test questions:

Every individual has his/her own way of practicing things and sometimes it requires lot of hard work and understanding to achieve success at the first attempt. If you are planning to write citizenship test try to practice as many test questions as possible to get familiar with the test paper. The most inexpensive and easy way to practice Canadian citizenship test questions is following the new study guide thoroughly and reading the high quality test resources that are available free online.