Canadian Citizenship Test Study Guide. New Practice Questions

Updated Discover Canada study guide for citizenship applicants

Immigrants who wish to obtain or retain their Canadian citizenship need to pass the citizenship test conducted by the department of Citizenship Immigration Canada (CIC). The objective of the test is to evaluate applicant’s knowledge in Canada and language abilities. Learning the study guide is one of the mandatory requirements if you are applying for citizenship and planning to appear for the test. Starting from March 15, 2010, the government has proposed a new Canadian citizenship test study guide for citizenship test called ‘Discover Canada’, which all the applicants are required to follow while preparing for the test.

New Canadian citizenship test study guide:

The 2013 Discover Canada study guide launched on November 30, 2009, has many topics added to its old version to strengthen the value of Canadian citizenship, including combating residency and citizenship frauds, clarifying language requirements and understanding the rights and responsibilities of being a citizen. This is the official booklet recommended by Citizenship & Immigration Canada and most of the questions in the test asked are from the topics existing in the booklet. Compared with the old test guide "A Look at Canada", the new Canadian citizenship test study guide is more elaborated booklet with comprehensive content. Therefore, there is no need to follow old versions for reference, instead take the new test guide, which is available free online in the Immigration and citizenship website.

What are the topics covered in the new study guide:

• The new updated study guide has topics emphasizing more on the rights and responsibilities of Canadian citizenship, history, values and institutions, symbols and important Canadian institutions, politics and government, etc. It has in-depth coverage on Canadian history including Canada’s role in the two world wars, historic conflicts, wartime situations and many more.

• Just like the old version, the new study guide includes government’s new laws and policies, Canada’s parliamentary system and constitutional monarchy, federal elections and current affairs, latest changes in the legislation, new amendments in the justice system and many others. The book also incorporates many interesting topics like sports, major landmarks, Canadian territories or provinces and other important geographical locations and their details.