Citizenship Test New To Canada. Online Canadian Immigration Test

Unlike many other countries in the world, Canada is a country unique in many ways. From the curious customs and traditions to the bilingual nature of the spoken language, Canada stands out among the rest. If one is new to Canada, it will be difficult to get a good rating in the Canadian Citizenship Test which is the main qualification for getting Canadian citizenship. With this in mind, we shall take a look at the different aspects of Canada which are covered in the Canadian Citizenship Test which should be of a great help to those who are new to Canada.

Some Facts about Canada

• Canada is a part of the continent of North America and consists of 3 territories and 10 provinces.

• It is bordered by 3 oceans – the Atlantic, Pacific and Arctic Ocean.

• Canada follows a parliamentary system with executive, legislative and judicial branches of government.

• In terms of demography, Canada has a generous mix of different nationalities. Original Canadians comprise of about 32% of the population while about 21% are English, 15.8% French and the rest consists of a mixture of Scots, Irish, German, Italian and Chinese.

• Canada ranks as 11th in the world’s economies. It has a mixed economy with a small margin of economic disparity.

• Logging and petroleum are the two major industries of Canada. Due to the abundance of oil and natural gas, Canada is among the few countries that export energy.

• For those new to Canada, it might come as a surprise that this country is well-established in the field of science and technology. Fourteen Nobel laureates have come from Canada.

• The Canadian Space Agency is very active in its space programs.

• Canada has two national languages, Canadian French and Canadian English.

About the Canadian Citizenship Test

• The above information is vital for a person new to Canada who is about to attempt the Canadian Citizen Test.

• The total number of questions is 20 which cover two broad categories, namely language skills and knowledge about life in Canada, customs, rituals and culture.

• There are several online practice tests available which will enable the candidate to put in a great deal of practice before actually appearing for the test.

• The above information will help a person who is new to Canada, giving them a better chance at comfortably passing the test.