Permanent Resident Status in Canada. Different Ways to Obtain PR in Canada.

Individuals with permanent resident status enjoy the rights and privileges in Canada but remain citizen of their home country. Spouses and common-law partners of Canadian citizens and permanent residents are also eligible to become permanent residents by utilizing the sponsoring process provided by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). People who wish to stay in Canada must complete an application form, which is assessed based on the number of years worked in Canada. However, those who have criminal records or a serious medical problem are ineligible to apply for permanent residency. If you are wondering how to apply for permanent residence in Canada, you may visit CIC for more details.

Different ways to obtain PR in Canada:

People under the following categories are eligible to apply for PR in canada:
• Family class - Parents, spouse, dependent children and other close relatives come under family class category
• Skilled workers class – Under skilled worker class applicants can apply for the categories of federal skilled worker, Canadian experience class, provincial nominee program and Quebec skilled worker program.
• Business class - Canadian immigration programs support three types of business class categories such as investors, entrepreneurs and self-employed.
• Refugees class – Canada offers refugee protection program to the people under the category of convention and persons in need of protection.

how to apply for permanent residence in Canada:

• Before you apply for the PR it is important to know which category best suits your profile. There is a requirement to pay the processing fee for your application, which you may do it through online or a financial institution. All the dependents can be included in the principal applicant’s application and their PR will be issued same time together. However, the entire family should pass the medical and criminal screening before sanctioning of the permanent residency.
• Applicants who are applying in Canada can send their completed application and necessary documentation along with the fee receipt to the Case Processing Center, Sydney and those outside Canada can apply at the Visa Office where they are residing. Those who are residing outside Canada and want to know more information on how to apply permanent residence in Canadas may contact local Visa Office or Consulate at the nearest location.