Change Name in Canada Passport. Required Documents. Passport Name Change Form.

Procedure to change name in passport in Canada

People who are changing their name legally must update their passports immediately with the new name. However if the name change is due to marriage, divorce or separation there is no time limit for changing the name in the passport. Travelers should be very cautious about their name change because the name on your passport should match with the name written on the travel document. To obtain a passport with your new legal name it is necessary to submit a completed application form along with the proper signature. Those who want to get information on how to change name in Passport in Canadamay visit the Passport Canada website. If the proof of citizenship does not reflect your new name then the legal name change along with the supporting papers or the adoption order must be included while submitting the application.

Documents required:

If you are wondering, how change name in passport in Canada, follow the simple procedure specified in the Passport Canada website. Regardless of your reason for the name change, it is important to submit a general passport application along with the required documents, which includes: o proof of Canadian citizenship o supporting identification in your new name o two identical passport photographs one of which is signed by the guarantor; o the required application fees Those who doesn’t like to appear their place of birth in the passport, must complete and submit a “Request for a Canadian passport without place of birth” along with the application form.

Additional paperwork required:

• If it is a surname change due to marriage then you may be asked to provide the original certificate of marriage. In case of common-law name change, a signed document reflecting the common-law relationship should be included. Full instructions on how change name in passport in Canadais covered in the Passport Canada website. • For any other legal name change, one of the following docs must be included: o Document stating the legal name change or o an adoption order or o a birth or citizenship certificate reflecting the new name.

Change of address for temporary workers:orary workers:

Individuals who do not have an active permanent resident application and reside in Canada on temporary visa such as students, workers and visitors cannot use online notification service for address change. They should call CIC call centers to notify their new residential or mailing address. For additional information on how to change address in Canada you may contact CIC call centers or refer CIC website.