Canada Skilled Worker Immigration. Federal Skilled Workers Canada.

Immigrate to Canada as a Federal skilled worker

Skilled workers class of Canada visa gives the opportunity for the immigrants to stay in Canada on permanent residency status. People with desirable skills in education, experience, language skills and ability to establish economically in Canada are eligible to apply in this category. Unlike temporary visa where there are lot of restrictions on working conditions, the skilled worker class gets full access to the local job market without the need for a Canadian work permit or sponsoring employer. To determine how to immigrate to Canada as a skilled worker and what are the basic qualifications required, visit the official website of Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC).

People can apply under federal skilled worker category if they wish to live in any Canadian province or territory except Quebec. Those who want to live in Quebec must apply in a separate skilled worker category through the program called ‘Quebec selected’ skilled workers. Those who wish to know more on how to immigrate to Canada as a skilled worker must contact CIC office.

Eligibility Criteria:-

The applications assessed are based on the eligibilities listed below under the federal skilled worker category:-

• must possess minimum one-year full time employment or equivalent paid work experience in the past 10 years.

• must have completed Ph D program or two years of study in canada towards Ph D from a recognized university.

• must have a valid offer of arranged employment from a Canadian employer.

• should pass a minimum threshold of language ability in either English or French.

Apart from the eligibility and point requirements, it is important that the applicants should possess enough settlement funds to support their families and themselves when they arrive in Canada.

Skilled worker application processing:

• As a part of new changes in the application processing all the applicants are required to attach the results of English and French language test results. In addition to that, the principal applicant and their dependents must undergo medical exam and security clearance during the immigration application processing.

• In case if you withdraw the application or if the application is not eligible for processing then the fee amount will be refunded back to the applicant. However, when the processing has begun and application gets rejected then there will be no refunds. People who want to have detailed information on how to immigrate to Canada as a skilled worker may visit Canadian immigration website.