Immigration Fees Canada. How to Pay Canadian Immigration Fees.

Application processing fees for Canadian Immigration

It is mandatory that all the applicants who wish to migrate to Canada on temporary or permanent visa categories are required to pay specified amount as application processing fee. The amount paid should be in Canadian dollars and varies depending on the type of citizenship and immigration procedures. . For all the queries on how to pay immigration fees Canada, the applicants may check the Canadian immigration websites.

Paying application fees:

• In general, the processing fees for the Canadian visa is payable at the time of application. However, refugees, protected persons and dependent children of the principal applicant get exemption on the fee amount. If you want to know the detailed payment methods and information on how to pay immigration fees Canada, then you may check with the nearest Citizenship and Immigration Canada office or Canadian mission abroad for confirmation.

• Federal skilled workers, federal investors, provincial nominee applicants and Canadian Experience class applicants are restricted from paying the fees online. They must send the payment for processing fee to the Centralized Intake Office in Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada

Processing fee refund:

Principal applicant and all other applicants who have paid the fee are eligible for refund if they have not become permanent residents of Canada. Due to fluctuations in the exchange rates, the refund amount issued may vary depending on the local currencies outside of Canada.

Processing fee payment methods:

1. Online payment:

If you are applying through online system then the online payment service will allow you to pay the fee while submitting the application form. To make an online payment you need to have a Visa or MasterCard or American Express Credit card along with the valid email address. After paying the fee amount, you need to print the receipt and include it along with your application form.

2. Making payment at the financial institution:

Applicants who do not like to pay online, can make the payments at any financial institutions like banks or western Union. A copy of the original receipt of payment form IMM 5401 should be included at the time of submitting the application. For further information on how to pay immigration fees Canada, you may also contact the Canadian Immigration toll free numbers.