How to Renew Canadian Passport. Canada Passport Application Form.

Renew your Canadian passports at the Service Agency centers

The Canadian passport is valid for only five years and there is a necessity to renew the passport within its expiry date. This government issued identification is very important while traveling abroad and particularly if you are planning to travel in one month and your passport is expiring then it is mandatory to get it renewed immediately. If you are wondering how to renew passport Canada and what paperwork is required, you may contact passport-issuing office. In general, Passport Canada is a federal government agency that is responsible for processing and issuing new or extensions of the passport. Whether it is a new passport application or renewal the procedure to apply for the Passport is almost same.

Passport Canada:

• Service Canada and Canada post are acting as passport receiving agencies on behalf of the Passport Canada providing broader service access to the people who are in need of the passport services all across the country. The service agencies review the documents required for the passport, check these papers if they are correct and complete, collect the processing fee along with other original citizenship documents and forward the application to the Passport Canada for processing.

• The Service Canada Receiving Agent centers are located in specific places throughout Canada to provide passport services free of cost. These receiving agents usually accept adult and child passport applications that are simple and have no complications. However, if there is an urgency to travel within 20 business days the application need to be submitted personally at the Passport Canada office. Canadian citizens who are living abroad and want to know how to renew Passport Canada may visit the Passport Canada online website.

Application information:

1. Passport applications with more complicated procedures like lost, stolen, damaged or inaccessible are not accepted at the receiving agencies. Instead, these types of applications are submitted at the Passport Canada office along with the important documents including proof of citizenship.

2. The application fee can be paid at the Canada service centers in form of check or money order, or by using credit or debit card or by cash in Canadian dollars. For complete list of acceptable documents and more information on how to renew passport Canada please visit the Canada service agency websites.