Canadian Permanent Resident Card. Canada PR Card Renewal.

People who are not Canadian Citizens and have permanent resident status are eligible to apply for Permanent resident cards. Those who want to travel outside Canada and re-enter via commercial carrier must carry PR card as an official proof of their status. People with new permanent resident status will automatically get their cards, as a part of the immigration process while those who need to renew should apply for as per the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) rules. Whether you are filing it for the first time or replacing the card that is expired, lost or stolen you will need to submit certain documents for the submission of the application form. For more information on how to renew permanent resident card in Canada you may visit the CIC website.

Important things to note while applying for PR renewal:

• It is not advisable to apply for PR card renewal if your current card has validity for more than one year, unless there is a legal name change. If you do so, your PR card application will be rejected.

• As PR cards expire every five years, it is good to track the expiry date and apply for the new one well before you plan to travel outside Canada. If you want to know how to renew permanent resident card in Canada and how to fill the application forms, you may download the application package and instruction guide from CIC website.

• While applying for PR card renewal it is also very important to retain the old card until you receive the new one. You may be asked to show your previous PR card and other original documents when you present at the local CIC office. You can discard the old one after receive the new card.

How to renew permanent resident card in canada:

To renew your permanent resident card all you need to do is:

1. Collect all the forms such as PR card application, supplementary identification and fee receipt. Gather all the documents and send the complete package to the case Processing center, Sydney.

2. If the application is complete it will be processed by case processing center and the card will be sent to appropriate CIC from where you can pick up the new PR Card.