New Canadian Citizenship test What You Should Know About The Test

The Canadian Citizenship test is the main qualification which is considered for a person who is applying for Canadian citizenship. To enable you to be well-prepared for appearing for this critical test, here is some information which should put you on the right track.

Facts about the Canadian Citizenship Test

The test consists of 20 questions which are multiple choice and the duration of the test is 30 minutes.

• At least 15 questions should be answered correctly to pass the test. The Canadian Citizenship Test was revised in 2010 to the requirement of 75% from 60% passing grade.

• Once you submit your application, you have to wait for three to four months but in case you need to submit fingerprints, you might have to wait a little longer.

• Only unsuccessful candidates are informed about their results. Successful candidates will not be informed immediately. If you pass, you will be invited for a ceremony where you need to take the “Oath of Citizenship” following which you will become a citizen of Canada. This ceremony will take place about one to three months after appearing for the test.

• If you do not clear the test, you will be summoned to a Citizenship Judge. The Judge will decide if you have sufficient knowledge and language skills to become a Canadian citizen. If you are rejected by the judge, you have the right to appear before the Federal Court. Alternatively, you can re-apply for the test and appear for it again.

• The preparation period for the test varies from person to person but in general, a month is considered sufficient time to prepare for the test. One would be best advised to start early to avoid last minute panic.

• There are several online sites available. You would do well to visit these sites and decide which sites offer sufficient coverage on all the aspects of the test. Do not rule out paying for some of the practice test modules. Generally, you get some extra benefits with professional guidance from the paid sites.

If you take note of these few tips regarding the Canadian Citizenship Test, you will be well-equipped to appear for the test and your chances for successfully clearing the test will be greatly enhanced.