Ontario Citizenship Test. Canadian Citizenship Test Papers Online

The Ontario Citizenship Test is another name for the Canadian Citizenship Test. This test is mandatory for a person to qualify in becoming a citizen of Canada. This is not an extremely difficult test. However, a bit of guidance will go a long way in helping a person to pass the test and thereby get a Canadian Citizenship. Here are a few facts about the Ontario Citizenship Test which should familiarize the candidate before actually appearing for the test.

What to Study

If you are preparing for the Ontario Citizenship Test, it is advisable to read the study guide commonly known as the “Canada’s Citizen and Immigration” (CIC) study guide. This is the officially approved study guide. It comes free of cost and although there are several other study guides available, this is the only one endorsed and recommended by the Canadian government.

Those Eligible to Apply

A person between the age of 18 and 54 can apply. There are some other criteria which need to be met. These are outlined in the study guide and can be ascertained from the Canadian Embassy of the migratory country.

Objectives of the Test

The Ontario Citizen Test aims at testing your knowledge level of Canada. It also examines your language skills. Even though this is a written test, it is possible for you to be called to be interviewed by a “Citizen Judge”. The basic aim is to ascertain whether you will be able to cope with everyday life in Canada.

Content of the Test

To begin with, the test evaluates your knowledge of Canada on the following topics:

• Right to run for elected office and right to vote

• The electoral process and practices

• Citizen rights and responsibilities

• Canadian history, culture and symbols

• Political history of Canada

• Canadian geography

The test is also designed to evaluate your language skills in both English and French.

• Ability to converse and communicate in English and French

• Understanding of basic spoken language

• Capacity to communicate with others using English or French

• Exhibit proficiency with spoken English and French

This is just a basic description of the Ontario Citizenship Test. However, for a person who is really new to the entire testing procedure, this guide will serve to put such a person on the right track in preparation for appearing for the test.