Procedure To Appear For The Canadian Citizenship Exam In Online

Canadian immigrants who seek Citizenship must meet the basic requirements of age, permanent residence, language abilities, clean criminal record and sufficient knowledge about Canada. The most important and crucial step in the Canadian citizenship process is passing the citizenship test with 75% score, so that the applicants get eligibility to proceed further to the Citizenship ceremony.

Once applicants lodge citizenship application, they have to wait until they receive a notice from the department of Citizenship Immigration Canada to appear for the test. For any reason if the applicant fails to appear for the exam, he/she may have to start the process again and book for the new test date. Applicants who are appearing for the Canadian Citizenship test should follow the revised or amended government regulations and guidelines of March 15, 2010.

Guidelines for Canadian Citizenship test:

• As per the new guidelines, the benchmark for passing the exam increased from 60 to 75%, which means, applicants are required to finish the test with at least 15 questions correct out of 20, compared to only 12 correct in the previous years.

• You will not receive any information about the test unless you score less than the required percentage. In case if you happen to fail the test, you need to attend an interview with a citizenship judge, who will evaluate your Canadian knowledge and language abilities. If you fail the interview also, you can make an appeal to the Federal court or restart the process again by booking the new test date.

• Those who are planning to appear for the Canadian citizenship test may obtain more information from the local libraries or from the Canadian citizenship test page for new updates and guidelines.

Preparing for the Canadian Citizenship test:

Many private websites help you out with the practice sessions however the latest version of ‘Discover Canada’ is the best instruction guide for test preparation. This guide will not only help you with the Canadian voting information but also provides essential knowledge on Canada’s history, symbols, geography, government and law, rights and responsibilities etc. You can obtain the free version of this guide by mail or by downloading through official Canadian Citizenship and Immigration website.