Sample Citizenship Test Questions. Free Online Practice Questions

If you want to settle down in Canada, you need to pass an exam known as the “Canadian Citizenship Test”. Although this test is not exceptionally difficult, it is not possible to pass it without any prior practice. In line with this requirement, here are a few sample Citizenship Test questions which will help you in getting a bit of practice before actually appearing for the test.

Sample Citizenship Test Questions

Q: What are the three branches of the Canadian government?

A: Executive, Judiciary and Legislature

Q: What was the achievement of the Suffrage movement?

A: Women got the right to vote

Q: Majority of Canadians belong to which religion?

A: Christians

Q: The highest honor that can be received by a Canadian is:

A: The Victoria Cross

Q: For Canadians, what is the meaning of the Crown?

A: The Crown symbolizes the Government, which includes the police services, armed forces, parliament, courts and legislatures.

Q: The National Register of electors contains:

A: Registry of Canadian citizens 18 years or above who can vote in referendums and federal elections.

Q: The first Prime Minister of Canada was:

A: Sir John A. Macdonald

Q: If a Member of Parliament from Toronto spends the weekend in his electoral district, where will he do so?

A: In the section of Toronto where he was elected

Q: The role of the police in Canada is:

A: Keeping people safe and law enforcement

Q: The person who governs Canada on a daily basis at the federal level is:

A: The Prime Minister

Q: What is the relevance of hockey in Canada?

A: It is the national winter sport and the most popular Canadian spectator sport.

Q: The symbol of Canada is which animal?

A: Beaver

Q: Of the following, which were the first four provinces in confederation?

A: Province of Canada (Ontario & Quebec) New Brunswick and Nova Scotia

Q: The following answer is NOT true about the Canada/USA relationship:

A: Canada exports very little goods to USA

Q: Who is above law in Canada?

A: No one

Q: The significance of the Quebec Act of 1774 was?

A: Tolerance towards all religions came into force in Canada.

Q: Where in Canada can you find a region known as the "Land of the Midnight Sun"?

A: Northern Territories