Tips on preparing for Canada citizenship test. Free Practice Tests

When the department of Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) approves the citizenship application, applicants receive an invitation to write the citizenship test. The exam itself is based on the – ‘Discover Canada: The Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship’ guide and applicants are expected to read this booklet thoroughly before attempting the test. The main intention of the citizenship test is to assess the applicants Canadian Knowledge and language ability. Even though there is no separate language test, applicants are supposed to answer the questions in any one of the Canadian official languages English or French.

Why preparation is important to pass the exam?

Some people think that reading the study guide is just enough to pass the test. If you have the same assumption then you are completely mistaken. Even though Discover Canada has lot of topics to read, it is very difficult to study the complete book because of shortage of time especially if you are working for the whole day. So in order to achieve your goal it is very important to follow a unique methodology of preparation and practice. All you need to do is just follow the simple and successful tips on preparing for the Canada citizenship test that will help you out to hit the target very easily.

Tips on preparing for the Canada citizenship test:

Given below are the few tips for the Canada citizenship test to help you pass the test in first few attempts -

• If passing the test and becoming a Canadian citizen is important for you, then do not start reading one week or ten days before the examination. Give enough time to yourself like one or two months and start practicing all questions thoroughly prior to the test.

• If you have less time for preparation, then follow the shortcut methods like downloading and practicing as many quizzes or free online tests as possible to help you with the test. Since majority of the questions that are likely to appear in the test are from the previous year’s question papers, make good effort to practice them more at your spare time.

• Most of the people find it very difficult to memorize the dates & important events in the history and keep failing the test without any interest. Hence, get more practice on dates and other historical based events and do not neglect any topic from the new study guide.