Business immigration in Canada. Who can Start a Business in Canada.

Start a successful business in Canada under the Business Immigration program

If you want to live in Canada and start a business over there, you could apply for Business Immigration Program. Canadian immigration supports experienced business people who will support and boost the country’s economy. On the other hand, people who are not Canadian citizens or have a permanent resident status can still start a business in Canada by setting up a partnership or a corporation with one or more Canadian citizens or landed immigrants. For more information on who can start a business in Canada, refer business immigration programs in Citizenship and Immigration Canada immigration (CIC) website.

Business immigration in Canada:

Business immigrants are required to make at least 800,000 Canadian dollars of investment and must have certain experience in owning and managing the business. As per the Canada Business Corporation Act (CBCA) while establishing a corporation it is important to ensure at least 25% of the directors are resident Canadians. However, people who wish to start a company in partnership business are required to register at the provincial registry of the province or territory where they are going to do their business in.

Who can start a business in Canada?

Canadian immigration programs supports three types of business class people such as investors, entrepreneurs and self-employed and has different criteria for each group. Generally, an applicant should submit only one form for each class and there is no option to change the class once the application is submitted. To obtain complete details on who can start a business in Canada you may officially contact Canadian Immigration centers.

Investors: To apply under investor category the applicant must be an experienced business person with minimum net worth of C$1,600,000 obtained legally and ready to make an investment of C$800,000. Once the application is approved, you are required to make the investment before the permanent resident status is issued.

Entrepreneurs: Canada encourages experienced business people who can bring economic benefits to the country and create jobs to the residents. Canadian business immigration program is accepting entrepreneurs from all countries around the world.

Self-employed: To apply under the self-employed persons program the applicant must have either relevant experience that contributes to the cultural and aesthetic life of Canada or have experience in farm management with the ability to obtain and manage a farm in Canada.